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Chemical Skin Peel Training Course

One of the most popular skin procedures that is offer in various clinics is the Chemical Skin Peel. Hence, in order to keep up with the basic trend in the Aesthetic industry, IAAS offers a Chemical Skin Peel Training Course which allows an individual to gain new knowledge and techniques in their current skill set. 

Theories, procedures, and techniques consist a large fraction of the course’s lectures. The following are the components that one can learn from the said training course:

– Introduction to Chemical Peel Science

– Human Skin Anatomy

– Different skin types (based on Fitzpatrick skin chart) and skin responses when it comes to skin peeling

– Range of skin peels available on the market

– Difference between AHA and TCA peel systems and their application

– Skin care protocol and products that aids with the process of skin peeling

– Advantages of Skin Peeling 

– General facial assessment

– Precautions in handling needles and chemical peel substances

– Possible side effects of chemical peels

Chemical Skin Peel is often partnered with medical microdermabrasion to enhance the results of the exfoliating treatment that is less invasive compare to other procedures. This will also be discussed in the training course. (Take note, microdermabrasion training is a separate course)

The Chemical Skin Peel Training Course also includes practical activities, in which students encounter the theories being discussed in class and practice the techniques for both AHA and TCA peel systems. During the activity, students can ask their questions regarding the procedure being taught while being overseen by their trainer/instructor. Students can bring their own patient since this gives them the opportunity to do a full-face treatment, with the knowledge of the student’s patient. Yet, when the patient is provided by the academy, there is no guarantee that the student can perform a full-face peeling treatment. 

Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a certificate recognized in the Aesthetic industry and the student can start practicing with the Chemical Skin Peeling treatments.

What materials are included in the Chemical Skin Peel Training Course?

– Textbooks, chemical peels, and equipment used during practical activities will be provided by the academy.

Can I attend the course without prior aesthetic or medical experience?

– No, only medical aesthetic graduates can attend the Chemical Skin Peel Training Course. 

Are models provided on the day of the course?

–  If the student brings their own patient, we require them to bring one (1) to two (2) patients ONLY during their hands-on activities. In case they cannot bring their own, the student shall give an early two (2) or three (3) day notice to the academy in order to provide them a patient in the day of their practical. If they fail to give an early notice, it will be difficult for the academy to search for one and the student shall just observe. 

What are the requirements needed to complete the course?

– Just like any course in the academy, the student shall pass their online and practical examinations (and other assessments given to them by their instructor). The student shall also follow the rules and regulations of the academy, written in their student handbook, for them to progress in their course smoothly, without any sanctions or possible delays in their graduation. 


5-hour Intensive Training Program

November 20, 2020

December 04, 2020

2021 schedule will be released soon!

Early Bird Fee: P15,999.00 (until Nov.15, 2020 only)

Course Fee: P18,000.00