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Collagen induction therapy / Micro-needling + Nano-Infusion


When some people hear the word “needle,” fear tends to arise. However, Microneedling contradicts such fear and promises to treat common skin issues (like scarring, wrinkles, and even age spots) among both men and women. 

Microneedling, or Collagen Induction Therapy, is one of the most prominent treatments for skin rejuvenation in today’s modern world. It utilizes a device (i.e. dermaroller or an automated pen-like tool) that is passed evenly across the skin, which creates microscopic pricks only on the surface-level of the skin. This provides a pathway for skincare products to penetrate the skin even more, compare when there are no superficial pricks, and prompts healing. 

The Microneedling course is for those who are interested in gaining and understanding an in-depth knowledge in the said treatment. This course is designed to help the beginner get started.

This procedure has been in existence for years but there are still a lot of questions that surround it, which this course will answer. This is also a great addition to a current line of clinical treatments that is easy to execute, profitable, and cost-effective.

In addition, this course will teach safe and proper techniques and protocols in Microneedling. It will also discuss the correct products to use, benefits of the treatment, and possible effects for each skin type. 

As one finishes this course, the student will receive a certificate that indicates his/her confidence and competency in performing Microneedling therapy. 


Why Choose this Microneedling Course?

The course manual we use is by Anthony Kingston Best Selling Author and creator of the Holistic Micro needling Techniques

Learn how you can rejuvenate the skin with comprehensive improvement of skin tone and texture.

Learn how you can easily introduce a non-surgical and non-ablative treatment that can be appropriately delegated and complement your cosmetic injectable services.


  • Discuss microneedling the benefits, required materials, and indications for treatment
  • Examine proper techniques for microneedling – how to select appropriate needle depth
  • Review the contraindications for the treatment, including pre and post care.
  • Explore the different modalities used to build collagen.
  • Examine side effects and adverse events related to microneedling and the treatment of these events.
  • Review skin anatomy – layers of skin, how the skin ages, qualities of healthy skin.
  • Observe patient reaction to treatment, assess treatment and discuss results.
  • Participate in hands-on practice session under direct supervision.


  • Didactic: 5 hour (webinar)
  • Clinical Practicum: 2 hours

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