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The Aesthetic Lifestyle and its Industry Growth

By Karlos Pena

The Aesthetic Lifestyle and its Industry Growth

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Prior to the rise of Social Media, the aesthetic world seemed beyond grasp. But that was a long time ago. Now, aesthetic has become a lifestyle, a need even, in a world where every thing seemed to be in display. Aesthetic, in its core and principle, studies the philosophy of beauty in relation to the science of beauty; “concerned with the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty. having a sense of the beautiful; characterized by a love of beauty.” Whereas Aesthetic as an industry, or Aesthetic medicine, talks about skin service specialties (both surgical or non-invasive) that focus on altering, improving, reducing, regenerating, or simply enhancing cosmetic appearance through the treatment of different skin conditions. 

The global Aesthetic Industry is currently valued at $9.5 billion USD. Michael Moretti, the Editor and Chief of The Aesthetic Guide wrote “After 25 years of continuous unbridled growth, the global medical aesthetic industry shows no signs of slowing down…Research shows that in 2017 the B2B side of this lucrative sector will exceed $9.5 billion in revenues with a projected 10.5% CAGR. On the procedure fee side, healthcare providers are generating over $25 billion per year with an estimated CAGR of 5.7%.” So whether you are a veteran aesthetic practitioner or just starting out, this is an exciting industry filled with opportunities for all. -Sharp Light Tech Article

Surprising even, is that amidst the global health crisis or pandemic, the Medical Aesthetic industry has even garnered more demand in service and treatments, especially for advance Medical aesthetic procedures or services such as Intravenous Therapy -which is understandable given the studied health benefits of it not only for the skin but more so for the internal body. Other in demand procedures were for Chemical Peel, Micro needling, surgical or non-invasive lifts, and so on. 

With the rise of the Aesthetic Industry, and the demand for it, the Philippines is slowly but surely making a name for itself, as more and more Aesthetic Clinics open doors to cater to almost all markets and demographics. Of course, the country may not be as advanced or as open as that of our Asian neighbors such as Korea, Thailand, and the likes. But it looks as though we are soon catching up to them, as more and more Filipinos study the field of Medical Aesthetic. The International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences or #IAAS, opened the doors of opportunity of career advancement and business growth, here in the country and even globally, for our Filipino Aestheticians. 

IAAS’ goal is to develop professional practitioners with the capacity to apply theoretical knowledge in Aesthetic Medicine and be able to perform in Aesthetic procedures fearlessly and morally. As the leading medical aesthetic learning institution in the country, future aestheticians who would want to get into the Medical Aesthetic industry should get their internationally recognized certificate from the Academy as it certifies and more importantly, legitimatize your practice or your clinic, through its globally competitive curriculum.